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If you operate a small business or organization, you know how important effective marketing is. The quality of your advertising can be the determining factor in the impression you make on potential customers. You don't have to have an extensive production team to create a professional commercial. Vast Productions is a video production company in Atlanta, GA that can help you show off your brand however you want.

You'll work directly with our professional videographer to plan out your commercial, documentary or photo shoot. Once we have a complete picture of your vision, we'll take care of the production to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Take the stress out of marketing by hiring our video production company today.


Let us take care of everything from planning to the production of your video.

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Short Films and Documentaries

Document a personal experience or spread a message with a short film.

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Create a professional commercial that will attract customers to your business.

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How we can help

With over 40 years of combined experience as both professional videographers and professional photographers, our founders can make any dream a reality. We specialize in…

  • Short film and documentary production that can share a personal story or experience with the entire world
  • Commercial video creation that will make it easy to market your brand, product or organization to your intended audience
  • Interviews, podcasts and casual family videos that will let you document any event or occasion with a professional video

Whether you want to create a music video or an infomercial, we’ll use state-of-the-art equipment to give you the impressive high-quality production value you need to share your message properly. Find out more when you contact us at 404-840-3892.

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